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Cameo the label Botanic Collection

vs-angelwings said: Hey! We are a fairly new victoria's secret blog! I was just wandering would you possibly be able to check us out and maybe follow if you like it? our blog is great fitness motivation!! Thankyou so much! :) x

Of course 🙅


theeditblog said: Loving your blog, I'm following! Take a look at mine if you get a chance, I think you'll like it xxx the edit xxx

Thank you! I’ll check yours out :)

I haven’t posted any images in such a long time. Sorry to my dear followers! It’s a new year & I plan on sharing more beautiful images with you all again xx

and-ohh-what-a-joy-deactivated2 said: i just wanted to say that your blog is fabulous, especially your selection of black and white photographys is awesome. i'm sure you'll like mine as well.

Aw thank you, and you are right. I do :)


thefashiontemple said: I absolutely love your blog... I just found it and its really really amazing! Would you mind checking mine out? x

Thank you & of course x


jeskaa said: Adore you tumblr, amazing images! xx

Thank you very much. You also x